We are making preparations for our spring season. We will start on April 25. If interested please print out and mail in the Spring Registration form


If you would like to volunteer, come down to the T-Ball fields at Burns Park Sunday at 3PM ask for

Roni Korologos

4990 Merrick Rd, Massapequa Park, NY 11762

Thank you to Massapequa Girls Varsity Softball for a  great game 

Our baseball program has three levels of play:

A – non competitive, everyone bats and plays the field; runs are not counted.

AA – more competitive – coaches pitch; players are limited to 5 swings; runs and outs are counted. Players are encouraged to make plays in the field.

AAA – most competitive – players pitch; count balls, strikes and outs; rules similar to regular baseball. This division is our more experienced players. This is our travel team and they play half of their games away from Burns Park. .

Special thanks to Hunter Business School for donating the television for the raffle at Zim Zari Cinco de Mayo festival.