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Next game will be Sunday May 31 at 3 PM at John Burns Park.

No Game Memorial Day Weekend.

Have a nice Hoiday.

See you Sunday May 31 at Burns Park at 3pm.

Picture day has been scheduled for Sunday June 14


Our baseball program has three levels of play: 
        A - non competitive, everyone bats and plays the field; runs are not                  counted.
        AA - more competitive - coaches pitch; players are limited to 5 swings;               runs and outs are counted.Players are  encouraged to make plays                in the field.

        AAA - most competitive - players pitch; count balls, strikes and outs;                  rules similar to regular baseball. This division is our more                          experienced players. This is our travel team and they play half                    of their games away from Burns Park. . 



Volunteers needed - to assist the players during the game. Please come down Sunday 3PM

News12 Video


Thanks to young Luke Mildeberger(above). Luke opperated a lemonade
         stand over the summer and donated all of his proceeds to Massapequa Challenger Baseball.

                  Also many thanks to John Rywelski and Tony Demaio from the Massapequa Kiwanis
          for their continued generous support.

Pictures from Long Island Jamboree

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Mets/Yankees vs Lindenhurst Pics- Click here

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View 2008 Opening day video!



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