June 12- Today's game is cancelled. Rescheduled for Friday June 17 7:15PM


If you would like to volunteer, come down to the T-Ball fields at Burns Park Sunday at 3PM ask for

Roni Korologos

4990 Merrick Rd, Massapequa Park, NY 11762

Thank you to Massapequa Girls Varsity Softball for a  great game 

Our baseball program has three levels of play:

A – non competitive, everyone bats and plays the field; runs are not counted.

AA – more competitive – coaches pitch; players are limited to 5 swings; runs and outs are counted. Players are encouraged to make plays in the field.

AAA – most competitive – players pitch; count balls, strikes and outs; rules similar to regular baseball. This division is our more experienced players. This is our travel team and they play half of their games away from Burns Park. .

Special thanks to Hunter Business School for donating the television for the raffle at Zim Zari Cinco de Mayo festival.